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any service area without permission.  There are no exceptions.  
The Safety of using Gel Nails:

There has been a recent news report about the safety of using gel nails. The gel cited in the article is in fact, not real gel. It is an
acrylic gel. A real gel contains NO powder.  Real Gel is a creamy sticky product that must be applied by a brush.  There is no
dipping and no powder involved.  Know what you are getting.  If you paid too little, you probably did not get the real deal.  Gel is
more expensive than Acrylic.  Also, remember, you get what you pay for in this business!  Know the cleanliness of your salon and
know the Nail Tech.  I promise it will pay off!
Get Shellacked!  The latest and greatest of nail products for 2011.  Goes
on like polish and stays shiny and dry for 14 days!  You walk out of the
Salon, DRY!  This product is sweeping the nation and is the latest
invention for women on the go.  Stop in and see your color choices.

Shellac will not harm your natural nail at all!
Gelcolor by OPI will be out in 2012!  They have over 31 colors!  

I was skeptical when this product first came out so out went my testers
on hands that were doing everything from gardening, coloring hair,
cooking and house work. I am so pleased to say everyone LOVES this

Shellac by Creative was the first to hit the market. There are many other
"look a likes" that do not have the same chemical makeup so be careful!
Shellac is really great but has limited color selections. GelColor by OPI
will be out some time in 2012. They will have over 31of your favorite
colors. While OPI did not get the name, we know their product will be
superior to all the others on the market. The cost and process of apply
this product is affordable, easy and very relaxing.

You will need to be seen at least every 2 weeks to 2 1/2 weeks for a
refreshening of your color. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes and costs
$35.  It is a small price to pay for walking out with dry nail polish!  You
can still file them if you get a nick, but chances are you won't!  Love your
nails!  We have clear, pinks, reds, deep hues and shimmers.  
Yummmmmmmm!!!!!  (no drill is used for this process)   If your salon has
you soak in acetone in a bowl, leave!  That is not the process and is not
good for you!
737 S. Haywood St.
Waynesville, NC  
Don't believe us yet??

Check out this video!

OPI GelColor has arrived!  The first selection has
OPI's top 6 colors so get on our books ASAP!  Check out our
FACEBOOK PAGE for specials, but you have to be a FACEBOOK
FRIEND to get them!  So.......What are you waiting for?????  We
fully intend on carrying all the colors available in this line so stop by
to check them out!  LOVE LOVE OPI!
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